MiniMill3 is a 3-axis CNC milling machine / plotter designed for metal and plastic processing. Designed to carry out complicated machining operations in a variety of conditions in a simple and friendly way. Thanks to its compact design, it will fit even in a small workshop or workshop, and the built-in treatment chamber will keep the workplace clean and the space around the machine. MiniMill3 is a machine designed for assembly on a workbench, thanks to which it does not require any special preparation of the workshop / workshop for assembly / installation of the machine. All you need is a sturdy table and AC power socket to install MiniMill3 in your workshop. MiniMill3 will work wherever you need to quickly and easily make small details in a professional manner.

Main features of MiniMill3
- Compact design
- Reliable work
-Simple service -
High machining speed
-Complete starter kit -Instructions, training, CE

- Steel construction
- Backlash-free, high-performance linear drives on ball screws, claw couplings, thrust and radial bearings
- Backlash-free guides and H-type rollers with preload
- Quiet, liquid-cooled, high-class electric spindle
- Powerful high efficiency motors
- Integrated, compact controller containing complete motor control system, spindle inverter and power supply
- Integrated closed spindle cooling system Integrated closed tool cooling system with coolant recovery
- Steel T-table
- LED machining chamber lighting
- Machining chamber construction with two viewing windows
- Inductive sensors of end position and homing
- Tool length sensor

- Travel speeds X = 2500 mm / min, Y = 2500 mm / min, Z 1500 mm / min
- Machining speeds X = 2000 mm / min, Y = 2000 mm / min, Z 1000 mm / min
- Working area X = 244mm, Y = 194mm, Z = 90mm
-Electric spindle: 1500W, 24000 rpm, smooth speed control
- External dimensions: 549mm x 690mm x 572mm
-Weight: 85kg Tool holder: ER11
-Power supply: 230VAC, 50Hz, 1800W
- Control resolution: 0.003mm

MiniMill3 is a numerically controlled machine, i.e. using a computer. Together with MiniMill3, we provide a configured, ready-to-use computer (usually a post-leasing laptop) with the Linux Mint operating system installed and the real-time kernel and machine control software-LinuxCNC, advanced CAD-FreeCad software and very pleasant and easy-to-use CAM software - Estlcam. The operating system and software installed on the computer is in Polish. The operation of the machine and software is very simple and intuitive.
LinuxCNC - advanced software for numerical machine control. The manufacturer provides configured software for the LinuxCNC machine with added support for tool change and length measurement. The software is also free for commercial use.
FreeCad - An extensive CAD 2D / 3D program that provides great opportunities for solid design and creation of construction documentation. The software is also free for commercial use.
Estlcam - A very easy-to-use CAM 2D / 2.5D program that lets you load a flat drawing, select individual shapes and select different machining operations for them, and then generate a very good quality CNC program understood by the MiniMill3 machine controller. We provide the Estlcam program with a postprocessor built into the program for MiniMill3. Estlcam is a commercial software, we provide the program with an indefinite license for any use.

The MiniMill3 machine is intended for machining of metals such as:
- steel (in special cases) and the like
and plastics such as:
-plexi and the like Instructions,

- with the machine, we provide a richly illustrated machine manual in Polish
- we provide an illustrated training manual Quick start with MiniMill3 - training from scratch
Thanks to the instructions and training provided, the person who does not have contact with the CNC machine will learn how to operate the machine. With the training manual you will learn about the control software, design a detail, generate a CNC program and make a designed detail on the machine. It has never been easier to start with a CNC milling machine! The training manual can be downloaded in the Downloads tab.

MiniMill3 set
The kit includes:
- complete MiniMill3 machine - ready to work,
-control computer with control software, CAD and CAM software,
-protective gloves,
-Hearing protectors,
- emulsion to prepare coolant,
- cleaning chamber cleaning kit,
-set of wrenches and mounting screws,
- maintenance kit (grease gun + grease),
- user manual, EC and CE declaration,
- transport handles,
- transport box

We provide a 12 month written machine warranty.

We invite you to cooperation!

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